Police Department Structure

Chief of Police: Deborah Garcia 
Serving since 1989 (dgarcia@northriverside- il.org)

Deputy Chief:  Christian Ehrenberg 

Serving since 1996 (cgehrenberg@northriverside-il.org)


Deputy Chief:  Carlos Garcia 

Serving since 2002 (cgarcia@northriverside-il.org)

Commander: Dion Bobo 
Serving since 1989 (dbobo@northriverside-il.org)



Christopher Boenzi (cboenzi@northriverside-il.org)

William Cinkay (wcinkay@northriverside-il.org)

Christopher Devine (cdevine@northriverside-il.org)

Daniel Gaede (dgaede@northriverside-il.org)

David Kopka (dkopka@northriverside-il.org)

Kyle Pinelli (kpinelli@northriverside-il.org


Patrol Officers

Ryan Biel (rbiel@northriverside-il.org)

Thomas Bueneman (tbueneman@northriverside-il.org)

Joseph Coia (jcoia@northriverside-il.org)

Joshua Czerak (jczerak@northriverside-il.org)

Michael Eck (meck@northriverside-il.org)

Maegan Ehrenberg (mehrenberg@northriverside-il.org)

Terri McCarthy (tmccarthy@northriverside-il.org)

Raul Pelayo (rpelayo@northriverside-il.org)

Theodore Roberson (troberson@northriverside-il.org)

Oscar Velazquez (ovelazquez@northriverside-il.org)

Scott Vuolo (svuolo@northriverside-il.org)

Jon Walley (jwalley@northriverside-il.org)

Alex Weitzel (aweitzel@northriverside-il.org)

Peter Weitzel (pweitzel@northriverside-il.org)


Police Service Aide

Police Service Aides are non-sworn personnel and are assigned to assist sworn officers of the Department by performing traffic control at special events, enforcing rules and regulations in municipal building and parks, and other support services.


Administrative Assistant

Bonnie Krochmal


Records Analyst

Lori Grosse

All our employees are committed to provide professional, effective, and courteous police service. Through integrity, professional and community partnership, we will show the selfless courage to act for others in the face of danger.