Occupancy Compliance

No change shall be made in any building without a Certificate of Occupancy having been issued by the Building Commissioner.

No building, dwelling, or dwelling unit shall be sold unless the owner or seller has applied for and obtained prior to the sale a Certificate of Compliance issued by the Village of North Riverside. The owner or seller must submit an application on a form approved by the Village to the Building Commissioner no less than ten days prior to the proposed sale with the fee listed.

The application shall authorize the Building Commissioner to enter and inspect the building for purposes of determining if the building and the use comply with all sections and provisions of the Zoning Ordinance and all other laws and ordinances of the Village. A current Plat of Survey, within the last six months, must be submitted with the application and a final water reading scheduled.


The following is a list of fees for the inspections:

  • Certificate of Occupancy: $45
    • A Certificate of Occupancy shall be issued when the inspection is completed and all the necessary documents have been submitted.
  • For any non-residential building: $360 plus $13.50 for every 1,000 square feet in excess of 500 square feet of space.
  • For each dwelling unit: $360 ($28.75 additional for each apartment over three)
  • For each Subsequent Inspection: $40

Requirements for Pre-Sale Inspection

The following items need to be submitted to the Community Development Department prior to the Certificate of Occupancy being released and the deed stamped for closing:

  • Application for Certificate of Compliance
  • Copy of Current Plat of Survey
  • Final Water Read Paid
  • Water Deposit Application and Fee Submitted