Sewer System

The Villages owned portion of the combined sewer system is maintained by Public Works. This is main line in the middle of the street that accepts the service line flow from the residents and directs the water and waste to the MWRD (Metropolitan Water Reclamation District).

The maintenance provided is root cutting, high-pressure cleaning, televising, cleaning catch basins, and performing any needed repairs that were viewed from televising.

The homeowner is responsible to maintain their service line from their home to the main line entry point. If any repairs are needed on their line, it's the responsibility of the homeowner to have those repairs made. However, if the work needed requires a dig within the roadway, then the Public Works Department will make that repair or a Village contractor only. The Village will also absorb the fees generated for that repair. All other repairs from the curb line to the home are the responsibility of the homeowner.