Civil Service Commission


The Civil Service Commission derives its power and authority from Illinois Compiled Statutes (reference 65 ILCS 5/10-1) and is responsible for overseeing the hiring, promotion and discipline of all positions in the "classified service" of the Village.  The "classified service" includes all sworn positions of the Village's Police and Fire Departments, including the positions of Police Officer, Firefighter, Police Sergeant and Fire Lieutenant.   Promotional decisions to the rank of Police Commander, Deputy Chief and Chief, fall outside the control of the Civil Service and are at the sole discretion of the Mayor.

The Civil Service Board consists of three Commissioners, each appointed by the Mayor to serve a three year staggered term.  The Mayor delegates one Commissioner to act as Chairman of the Board and preside over all meetings. The Recording Secretary is commissioned by the Board and acts as the custodian of all records, files and completed examinations of the Civil Service.  


The Civil Service Commission oversees the administration of all testing for the hiring and promotion of sworn members of the Police and Fire Departments.  Commissioners are tasked with maintaining up-to-date eligibility lists and certifying the eligibility of patrol officers, firefighters, police sergeants and lieutenants.   Eligibility lists for the hiring of entry level officers and firefighters remain in effect for two years from the date of posting.  Eligibility lists for the internal promotion of police sergeant and fire lieutenant remain in effect for three years from the date of posting.

The Commission also conducts disciplinary hearings when the Chief brings formal charges against a sworn member of the Police or Fire Department.


Like all other Boards and Commissions, members of the Civil Service Commission are volunteers and serve without any compensation.


Meetings are scheduled as needed. 

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are posted to the Agenda Center at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting date. Minutes are made available following approval.

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  1. Civil Service Commission

Commission Members

Daniel Miller, Chairman

Term Ends 4/25

Eliseo "Cheo" Anaya

Term Ends 4/23

Brigid Janson

Term Ends 4/24

Recording Secretary

Dora Murphy