Property Taxes

The Village of North Riverside receives one of the smallest shares of property taxes of any taxing district. For the 2014 tax year, the Village's portion of a property owner's total tax bill accounted for approximately 2% of the total tax bill. Simply put, this means that only $0.02 of every dollar paid towards property taxes went to the Village of North Riverside.

North Riverside is divided between 2 different townships with 9th Avenue being the dividing line. All properties located East of 9th Avenue, including the East Side of 9th Avenue, are located in Riverside Township. Properties located West of 9th Avenue, including the west side of 9th Avenue, are found in Proviso Township.

Provided is a breakdown of where your 2014 property tax dollars went based upon the final tax rate imposed by the Cook County Clerk's Office.

Taxing Body
Riverside Township
Percentage (%) TotalProviso Township
Percentage (%) Total
Cook County0.6376%0.6377%
Village of North Riverside0.2232%0.2232%
North Riverside Public Library0.5395%0.5396%
School Districts8.78881%7.22677%
Other Taxing Districts0.4464%0.4465%
Total 2014 Tax Rate10.869100%9.380100%