About us

The North Riverside Parks and Recreation Department provides recreation programs and park facilities to enhance the quality of life of our residents. Our programs are designed to meet the social, physical, intellectual, and emotional needs of children and adults of all ages through quality recreational activities that are fun, family-oriented, and meaningful. In addition, our parks have been designed for both group and individual activities, as well as for the passive enjoyment of the beauty of the outdoors.

Fun Guide

The Parks and Recreation Department publishes the Fun Guide three times a year:

  • Fall/Winter Released in August
  • Winter/Spring Released in December
  • Summer Released in April

The Fun Guide is delivered directly to each home or apartment in the Village each season. This book contains programs for all ages, such as sports and special interest classes that include art, music, drama, and cooking. Also included in the Fun Guide is information on holiday activities, special events, trips, club information, and a description of available social services. Please read the Fun Guide carefully and register for programs early or by the deadline listed.

Register early so great opportunities don't get canceled. Programs, events, etc. may be changed or canceled at any time. Please refer to your receipt for the most updated information or contact the office for full details.

We always try to have new and exciting programs to offer our patrons. So be on the lookout for unadvertised trips, events, and programs. Information may be obtained by visiting the Parks and Recreation Department or watch for information in the newspapers, Facebook, and/or fliers sent home through the local school districts.