Residential and Vehicle Burglary Prevention Tips

A large percentage of residential and motor vehicle burglaries are to unlocked homes and vehicles.   These are crimes of opportunity and are easily preventable.  The North Riverside Police Department urges all residents to get in the habit of making sure your home and vehicles are secure every night.  

Be proactive and go through this checklist every night to make sure your property is secure.  

  • Remove valuables from your vehicles
  • Remove keys, key fobs, and garage door opener from your vehicles
  • Lock vehicle doors
  • Lock your garage door and windows
  • Lock every door to your home
  • Turn on an outside light 

Additional prevention tips:

  • Keep garage overhead doors closed even while at home
  • Never leave a house key hidden under doormats or in other obvious locations
  • Do not post you are out of town on any social media platform
  • If you are traveling and away from your home for an extended period of time, arrange for a neighbor to pick up your mail
  • Use light timers to make it appear as if you are home even if you are not
  • Install alarm systems and/or security cameras

 Remember if you see something, say something.  Report any suspicious activity to 708-447-9191.