Home Occupation


In any Residence District, any customary home occupation shall be permitted provided that:

  1. It is conducted entirely within the dwelling by a member of the family residing in the dwelling, except as herein provided, and when such home occupation is incidental and secondary to the use of the dwelling for dwelling purposes;
  1. It is not conducted from a detached or attached accessory building, or require internal or external alterations, or involve construction features or use of equipment not customary in a dwelling, and the entrance to the space devoted to such occupation shall be from within the dwelling and not more than one-fourth (¼) of the floor area of a story also including a cellar of the dwelling is devoted to such home occupation;
  1. There is no display or activity that will indicate from the exterior of the dwelling that it is being used in whole or in part for any use other than a dwelling, except one nameplate, not more than one (1) square foot in area which contains only the name of the occupant of the dwelling and the home occupation conducted therein and is attached to the dwelling and not illuminated shall be permitted;
  1. It is conducted by only one member of the family residing on the premises, plus only one additional person, whether or not a member of such family;
  1. No mechanical equipment is used, except such as is customarily used for purely domestic or household purposes;
  1. No stock in trade is kept or sold; also including such stock in trade made on the premises, or services rendered on the premises that require receipt or delivery of merchandise, goods, or equipment by other than U.S. letter carrier mail service, or the passenger automobile of the person conducting the home occupation;
  1. A home occupation conducted by a professional person shall be only for consultation or performance of religious rites, but not for the general practice of the profession, and;
  1. Teaching of musical instruments shall be conducted only in a single-family detached dwelling and then to not more than one pupil at a time, and teaching of such arts as painting, sculpturing, and design shall be conducted to not more than six pupils at one time in any type dwelling unit, and academic or religious instruction shall be given to not more than six pupils at one time in a single-family detached dwelling, and to not more than one pupil at one time in any other type dwelling unit.