Legislative Participation

Legislative Consultant Information

The Village has utilized the services of a professional legislative consultant for several years to lobby on behalf of the Village and ensure our interests remain at the forefront of public policy discussions at both the national, state and county levels.  This individual is responsible for promoting and advancing the Village's legislative priorities by monitoring and providing feedback to our government leaders on various bills and administrative rules that affects our community, assisting village staff in identifying grant opportunities and obtaining regulatory approval for permits from other governmental agencies that are required for various village initiatives. 

Chris Nybo, LLC

444 Mitchell Avenue, Elmhurst IL 60126

Legislative Consultant Contracts:

Legislative Participation

Village board members and staff are active members of various statewide and regional professional organizations and intergovernmental cooperatives that are tasked with maintaining a strong relationship and legislative presence at both the national and state levels in order to effectively advocate for the interest of local governments.  At times, these groups may take positions on specific legislative issues that have a direct impact on their membership or the organization's stated goals and actively lobby on behalf of the Village and its other members.  These groups include: