Tornado Siren & Lightning Siren

Extreme Weather / Tornado Sirens

   The village installed extreme weather / tornado sirens in the village to alert citizens who may be outdoors when a tornado warning is issued. The sirens are not intended to alert people indoors. It is highly recommended that each residence, business, school and church purchase weather alert radios that are automatically activated during severe weather occurrences.
     The extreme weather / tornado sirens are activated when severe weather or a tornado is in the area. When sirens are activated they sound continuously for 3 minutes. Please take shelter immediately in the lowest floor of your home. If you do not have a basement, take shelter in an interior room away from windows for the most protection.
   There is no all clear signal or sound that is activated when the warning has been canceled or expired. We suggest you monitor local radio or TV for weather updates during severe weather or if you hear the siren activated. Please do not call 911 when you hear these sirens.

System Tests

Test of the system is conducted the 1st Tuesday of each month at 10 a.m. At that time the siren is sounded for 3 minutes. The monthly tests are conducted to test the operation of the sirens and to familiarize the citizens with the sound of the siren should extreme weather / tornadoes be in our area.

Lightning Detection Sirens

   Lightning Detection Systems are located at Veterans Park, the Tot Spot and the Village Commons. The sirens  will activate at Veterans Park and the Village Commons when lightning is detected within 2.5 miles of the transmitter.  Once activated, a high pitch alarm will sound for 15 seconds, and a flashing strobe light will display (parks only) until a single-tone “all-clear” alarm sounds and the strobe lights stop flashing. The “All-Clear” alarm is indicated by (3) 5 second horn blasts. Activation at the Tot Spot will be indicated by the flashing strobe only.

If you hear the siren and/or see the flashing strobe light, please leave outdoor spaces immediately to take shelter and do not return until the “All Clear” alarm sounds and/or the strobe light stops flashing

Keep in mind, like all technology, the system is not foolproof. It is still the responsibility of all residents to seek shelter any time lightning is seen or thunder is heard.  Whenever lightning is observed or thunder is heard, all outdoor activities should be suspended for a minimum of 30 minutes after the last sign of lightning or thunder is noted.