Monthly smoke detector checklist

It's time to test, The Fire Department recommends the first day of the month but you can pick whatever day works best for you. Inspect and replace any broken or expired smoke alarms in the home. This process is easy....

1) Press the test button on the alarm and make sure it beeps. 

2) Inspect the date on the side of the alarm. If it is 10 years or older t's time to replace the alarm you can get a free detector by filing out the form below. 

3) Don't wait...replace any broken or expired alarms today with a 10-year sealed battery style alarm. 

4) Review your families fire escape plans and test those plans

fire test

Free Smoke Detector

  1. In order to receive a free smoke detector you must be a resident of North Riverside.
  2. Home Inspection By North Riverside Fire Department *
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