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  1. Application for Building permit
  2. This application shall be accompanied by two sets of plans or more as needed, including all specifications, also survey plat in duplicate of the premises showing the location of all proposed building and existing buildings. The plat shall be complete with dimensions of premises and building. 

    Having submitted the plans and specifications, I hereby apply to the community Development Department of the Village of North Riverside, Illinois for a permit to perform the above-mentioned work. if this permit is granted I will comply with all the Village ordinances relating to the permit and pay all fees required. I will submit this work to the required inspections and prohibit the occupancy of any space until a Certificate of Compliance and Occupancy has been obtained from the building inspector. Work to begin within 30 day of issuance of permit. All work covered by the permit is to be completed within one year from date of permit.

     No error or omission in either the plans or application, whether said plans or application have been approved by the Building inspector or not, shell permit or relieve the applicant from constructing the work in any other manner than that provided for in the Ordinance of this Village relating thereto. The applicant having read this application and fully understanding the intent thereof declares that the statement made are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. 

  3. Permit fee: Non-Refundable               work must start within 90 days of permit, or permit is null and void. 

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