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  1. Waiver for Building, Plumbing, Mechanical and Electric Work by Owner

    For Residential Building Permits

  2. The Building, Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical Codes allow a homeowner to build and install systems which comply with current codes.  However, if an inspection reveals that violations have been created by the homeowner who lacks the expertise to properly install plumbing, electrical equipment or other home improvement projects;  the homeowner will be required to consult or hire a licensed Electrician, Plumber or Contractor, as needed;  to properly alter any installations which are considered code violations.  Further, if the Village of North Riverside confirms that someone other than the homeowner physically performed or is performing the work for which the homeowner indicated he/she would be performing, all work for which the permit has been issued will be stopped until a licensed contractor has been hired and registered with the Village.  The licensed contractors will not only alter any installations that are not to code but shall complete the remaining work to be done.


    The homeowner shall indemnify and save harmless the Village of North Riverside, Illinois from all accidents and damages.


    Any additional inspections will require additional fees.


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  4. Homeowner 

  5. Special Note:  If you are a Contractor who also owns the property, State of Illinois Plumbing Codes (Sec. 3 (2) (225ILCS3201) require that the Owner must occupy the house for a minimum of six (6) months if the Owner does the plumbing.  If a licensed plumber does the plumbing work, there are no restrictions.

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