CPR/AED Training

CPR is taught by members of the Fire Department, who are trained instructors certified by the American Heart Association. Classes offered include Adult, Child and Infant, and Healthcare Provider. Courses for operation of Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) are also offered. Classes are coordinated by the Recreation Department, with special accommodations made for organizations and youth groups. General courses are offered in the fall and spring, and are publicized in the Recreation Department flyers.

Heart attack is the single largest cause of sudden death in America today. Every year half a million American deaths are caused by cardiac arrest. While the causes of heart disease, which leads to heart damage and heart attack, are numerous, the response to heart emergencies is the same: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR.

CPR is a skill whereby bystanders, with nothing but their hands and lungs, can keep a victim of heart attack viable until advanced life support can arrive on the scene. By knowing what to do, how to recognize the symptoms of heart attack, and how to compress the heart and ventilate the lungs, you can give a loved one or coworker a second chance at life.

Skills taught include healthy heart living and lifestyle modification to prevent the onset of heart disease, how to recognize the signs and symptoms of heart attack, how to determine if someone who has been stricken has had a heart attack or stroke, how to recognize if someone is choking and how to administer abdominal thrusts, and how to assess the unconscious patient who cannot tell you what is wrong.

Each skill is taught by scenario and particular attention is given to hands-on skills, with practice reinforcing the lessons learned. Groups are kept small to enhance the instructor-student ratio for individual evaluation and attention.