5 Minutes to Make a Difference

The Census is about much more than just a count to determine the population of North Riverside and the rest of the country.
North Riverside’s response rate will directly impact how much of that money is allocated for our services and programs, including funding of our fire and police departments, school lunch programs, libraries, road projects, community development, FEMA dollar allocation, and hundreds of federal grants.
Studies show that one missed resident translates to a loss of $1,800 a year. Projected over the 10-year life of the census, that's $18,000 a person in reduced services.
As of today, North Riverside’s response rate of 77.9% is below Riverside's rate of 82.5% and Brookfield's rate of 80.3%.
If you are part of the North Riverside's 22.1% who are uncounted, it is important to everyone who lives in North Riverside that you take the time to complete the census. Remember, it takes less than five minutes of your time to make a significant impact to our community. 
Ready to be counted?