Vehicle Stickers

All vehicles garaged, housed, stored or consistently parked overnight within the village MUST properly display a current and valid vehicle sticker.


Village Vehicle Stickers


All vehicles registered with the State of Illinois to a North Riverside address or parked overnight on village streets for more than 5 times per month are required to obtain a village vehicle sticker. To obtain your sticker, you must present your driver’s license and vehicle registration for each vehicle. The cost for a village sticker is provided below:


Passenger Vehicle $35.00
Senior citizens (65 and older) ** $10.00
Disabled Citizens (Proof Required) ** $10.00
 ** Limited to a total of 2 per household  
Antique Vehicles $10.00
Motorcycles $15.00
Commercial Vehicles $40.00
Transfer License to New Vehicle $5.00


  • Discounted vehicle stickers for seniors and disabled individuals are limited to a total of 2 per household.  All other vehicles registered to that household will be charged the regular passenger vehicle fee.


All vehicle stickers expire on April 30th of every year. Fees double after May 31st for all vehicles not properly registered by the April 30th deadline. New vehicles purchased during the licensing year should be registered as soon as possible to avoid being ticketed by the police department.


Special Use Vehicle Stickers

Non-residents can apply for a special use vehicle sticker if their vehicle is parked overnight in the village more than 5 times per month. Vehicles not displaying a valid village sticker and are parked on village streets overnight will be ticketed regardless of the owner’s residency. If you are having an overnight guest, call your guest’s vehicle information into the police department (708-447-9191).