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Water Billing

The Village of North Riverside provides Lake Michigan water to all single family, multi-family and commercial properties located within the Village’s city limits. The Village’s water supply is purchased through the Brookfield-North Riverside Water Commission


Billing Information

For billing purposes, the Village is divided into two zones.

Zone 1: All properties East of 1st Avenue. This zone is billed in February, April, June, August, October and December
Zone 2: All properties West of 1st Avenue. This zone is billed in January, March, May, July, September and November.


All bills are due on the 20th of the month that they are issued and there is a 10% penalty for late payment.


As of August 1, 2022, all credit card transactions will incur a 2.25% processing fee.


Water & Garbage Rates

Residential Properties

First 4,000 gallons (minimum bill) $54.40
Water rate per 1,000 gallons $ 13.60
Water operations fee (bi-monthly) listed below

Garbage rate (bi-monthly) $46.00


Commercial & Multi-Family Properties

First 7,500 gallons (minimum bill) $144.75
Water rate per 1,000 gallons $19.30

Water operations fee (bi-monthly) listed below


Water Operations Fee

Qualifying Seniors/Disabled*            $  10.00 

5/8" Meter                                      $  30.00

3/4" Meter                                      $  30.00 

1" Meter                                         $  40.00

1 1/2" Meter                                   $  50.00

2" Meter                                         $  60.00

3" Meter                                         $  70.00

4" Meter                                         $  85.00

6" Meter                                         $130.00

*Must show proof of Cook County Senior/Disabled Exemption on the current property tax bill.  Rate begins with the next cycle once Village application is approved.             


  • - Prior to moving or selling a property, please notify the Water Department to schedule a final water read. The Certificate of Occupancy, necessary for the closing, will not be released until all water charges have been paid in full.
  • - For new accounts a water deposit application must be completed before service can be established.


Water Deposit:

For new accounts, a water deposit application must be completed before service can be established.


Deposit Breakdown
$75.00 Residential Property Owner
$100.00 Residential Renter
$200.00 Commercial Property Owner or Renter


General Information

The Village's water meters are read electronically via the MXU unit located on the outside of the building. This unit should never be covered or obstructed.


If you are a landlord, you are jointly and severally liable to pay for all water services provided by the the Village.


If you suspect a leak, or have concerns regarding your bill, please contact the Village Office and ask to speak with the water billing office.